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Mission Statement

Working in a male-dominated field, women push through many obstacles to maintain respect, proper placement, and success within the construction industry.  Those that become moms also experience the difficulties of being a mother while working in construction. The long working hours, jobsite hazards, lack of accommodations and flexibility for pregnant and/or nursing workers, discourage many from believing being a mother in construction is possible.  Parents are forced to fight for acceptance and face trials acclimating to company performance standards, along with balancing project team and their family’s needs.  When the work environment is unsupportive and even hostile to the demands these new mothers face, the burden can become overwhelming.  Many young women delay their dream of having children or even talk themselves out of it.  Mothers In Construction is committed to elevating the voice of mothers in the construction industry. We are determined to make the construction workplace more inclusive and supportive of the particular needs of parents.

Mothers In Construction (M.I.C.) aims to:

  • Regionally connect and build community among mothers in construction across the nation

  • Advocate for reasonable changes industry-wide to enable and encourage more women to join the construction field

  • Advocate for women’s rights in the workplace as well as providing resources to educate women about these rights

  • Provide family support services to assist women with life transitions 

  • Fostering a more inclusive and supportive construction industry which addresses the particular needs of parents

  • Nurture the M.I.C community by publishing a weekly podcast which passes the “mic” to mothers who tell their stories to not only encourage women in the industry but to also identify the resources needed to support working mothers and propose solutions


What We Do

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We can help your organization establish workplace policy development to support mothers in construction

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Advocating for rights in the workplace

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